Erotic Book Reviews: The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton proves that erotic book reviews can pack a lot of surprises. In addition to BDSM and a threesome, this novel tells a tale of unconditional love, lifelong friendship and facing death.

Kaden and Seth have been best friends for over 40 years. When they get together for drinks on their weekly boy’s night out, Kaden shocks Seth with two startling announcements. He’s just learned that he’s dying from inoperable pancreatic cancer. He also asks Seth to take over his role playing master to Kaden’s wife and slave Leah. It’s the last thing Seth ever expected from the friend he knows as a soft spoken and successful corporate attorney.

Seth is too dumbfounded to promise anything having just learned that his friend is dying and wants to train him to beat his wife, but he agrees to have dinner with the couple at their home the next night. When Leah opens the door, she’s got a whole new look. Her beautiful green eyes are red from crying and she’s wearing a tiny black leather dress and collar with heavy makeup and stiletto heels. Seth can’t help but feel grief stricken and aroused all at the same time.

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It turns out that Seth has loved Leah for almost 20 years ever since he returned from the army and met her after her whirlwind courtship and marriage to Kaden. All three of them will learn a lot about each other and the meaning of love as Seth gets invited to live with Kaden and Leah and help Kaden keep the promises he made to protect Leah when they wed.

An Erotic Romance That Captures The Diversity of The BDSM Lifestyle

One of the most fascinating things about this erotic romance is how it captures the diversity of the BDSM lifestyle. It shows how you can’t tell whose playing with whips and ropes just by looking at them and the human needs and emotional connections that may be involved. In this case, Leah relies on BDSM to help her cope with childhood abuse and Kaden wants to make sure she has a partner who will love her and never injure her. In addition to the wild sex, it’s a moving testimony to all kinds of love and friendship. It is a strange and unexpected story and yet somehow it works.  You’ll never forget how these three people stand by each other through one tragedy after another.

Tymber Dalton is one of many pen names for writer Lesli Richardson, the award-winning, bestselling author of books that include Love Slave for Two, the Triple Trouble series and more. She also writes as Tessa Monroe and Macy Largo for Siren-BookStrand. Dalton is a native of Florida now living in the Tampa bay area with her husband and lots of animals. She is active in the BDSM lifestyle.

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