Erotic Romance Novels: Unwritten Rules By M. A. Stacie

Erotic romance novels are full of sexy neighbors and Elle can’t stop thinking about hers in Unwritten Rules by M. A. Stacie. She’s so stuck on the handsome but elusive Jonah Quinn, she feels like she’ll never be satisfied until she is intimate with him.

Elle moved from Cape Cod to New York a year ago after breaking up with her old boyfriend. Now, she keeps running into Jonah at the mailboxes in their apartment building. She’s intrigued by his taut muscles and chiseled jaw, but can’t seem to make any headway. The only sign that Jonah may share her attraction is the way the back of his neck reddens when she stands close to him. He avoids any eye contact and never speaks to her. When she asks around the building, she finds out that Jonah never talks to anybody. They’ve always figured he may be mute.

Her fantasies about Jonah make it hard for Elle to concentrate on her work as a web designer. She talks the dilemma over with her best friend J.J. but can’t muster up the courage to knock on Jonah’s door. All she knows about Jonah is that he might be a musician because she can hear him playing his guitar and piano upstairs.

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Women’s Erotica That Builds Up Slowly

Women’s erotica is often at its best when you’re kept waiting a little for the characters to connect. During Elle and Jonah’s first attempts at exchanging shy smiles and quick hello’s, you start to wonder how they’re going to really get together. Turns out Elle has a fat cat who’s prowling the building for handouts. When Meow puts the touch on Jonah, Elle finally knocks on his door to retrieve her pet. The next day, Elle goes out for a run and Jonah rescues her from an attempted mugging. From there, the relationship takes off. There’s no doubt they’re sexually compatible, but they’ve still got challenges ahead. Jonah has demons in his past that the two lovers will have to sort out if they’re going to have a future.

It is a story with a lot of depth. Their love affair is passionate and intense with a great deal of emotion…a spectacular read! I found myself all caught up in the relationship between Elle and Jonah reacting to their many ups and downs as if I knew them personally. Sometimes I was frustrated by their mistakes, but I always wanted things to work out for them.

The author M.A Stacie lives in Manchester, UK with her husband and children. Her bio says she tried out a few different jobs but never seemed to find the right fit. Then, she took up writing after her second son was born. When she’s not writing or reading, Stacie knits and plays the Wii with her two sons.

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