Erotic Fiction Review: Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

Office life heats up in the erotic fiction novel Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren. Chloe Mills is locked in a love-hate relationship with her boss, Bennett Ryan. Well, at least it’s a lust-hate relationship with the potential for true love.

Chloe is a smart, hard-working career woman who has taken her father’s advice to start at the bottom and work her way up. She’s been interning at Ryan Media for the past six years, and now she’s just months away from completing her MBA. Then, the drop dead gorgeous Bennett returns to the family business. She thinks he’s pompous and evil, but she can’t stop thinking about the time she saw him wiping his bare chest with his shirt when she walked in on him at a hotel gym. He’s secretly attracted to her even though he constantly gives her a hard time and calls her an “office girl.”

They finally get together on the conference room table one night when he makes her work late to polish up a speech. Somehow they manage to keep exchanging insults even while they’re getting it on, and Chloe literally runs out and leaves Bennett with his pants down. Even though they both swear they want to stop, they keep having sex everywhere imaginable around the office until Bennett has a drawer full of her La Perla panties. That’s right. There’s no BDSM here, but Bennett rips her underwear off every chance he gets. Some complications come up when Bennett gets jealous when his mother tries to fix Chloe up with a family friend, and when Chloe suspects that Bennett is trying to take credit for her work. Still, this is a novel that makes erotica fun and it never becomes too dark.

Light-Hearted Erotica

In fact, the light touch is one of the things that make this novel so enjoyable. It’s nice to read sexy scenes without keeping an eye out for some deranged sibling who might take a shot at the unsuspecting couple. Here, you can relax and savor the witty dialogue without worrying about anyone dropping a deep dark secret. The creative sex around the workplace is also pretty stimulating. Chloe and Bennett do it everywhere including the conference room, the elevator, the stairwell and up against the windows.

Interestingly, Christina Lauren is actually one pen name being used by two different writers working together, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. Hobbs started the story back in 2009 when it was called The Office and published it online as Twilight fan fiction. The next year, it grew in popularity as Fifty Shades Of Grey swept the country, and women were looking for more erotica. A sequel is already in the works that will be called Beautiful Stranger and star Chloe’s best friend. Beautiful Bastard itself is scheduled to become a movie now that Constantin Film has purchased the rights to it.

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