A Healthy Detox Diet Works Better Than Searching For Miracle Foods

Dr. Fuhrman
If you’re trying to find a healthy detox diet, you’ve probably seen popular talk shows and even news reports raving about the latest miracle foods. Unfortunately, these claims are usually exaggerated and based on a single study. The truth is that it’s your diet as a whole that matters when it comes to losing weight, and reducing your risk for cancer and heart disease.

I know this because I’ve been following Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s advice for years now. He puts the focus on eating a balanced diet of nutrient rich foods rather than telling people that all they need to do is eat more red onions. No one food will solve all your problems, but getting most of your calories from a variety of super foods will improve your health. A big part of this plan is green vegetables. In fact, raw and cooked vegetables should represent about half of your total diet. Some of the best choices are kale, watercress, collard, mustard and turnip greens, bok choy, spinach and Brussels sprouts.

Dr. Fuhrman is a board-certified family physician and a NY Times best-selling author who can help you learn to eat better. You may want to start out by picking up a copy of his book Eat to Live. Ready to learn more? Here’s a Free shippingcoupon code for Dr. Fuhrman.