What is a Nutritarian?

A Nutritarian is a person who takes an interest in the nutritional quality of their diet. Very simply, it’s someone who strives to eat a diet containing highly nutritious foods.

Nutritarian’s choose foods that are high in a wide spectrum of micronutrients per calorie. Great health results come from “getting more nutrient bang per caloric buck.”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has been instrumental at bringing awareness to eating for health as well as weight loss. Read more on his website: Dr. Fuhrman – For Superior Health and Your Ideal Weight

Vegetables and other plant-based foods are often exceptionally nutrient-dense and therefore promote disease-resistance and longevity. That’s especially true for green vegetables, colorful vegetables, beans and seeds.

These foods are all rich in vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients that nourish the body so the body can maximize its self-repairing abilities and combat diseases. A high nutrient diet heals food addictions and cravings and curtails overeating. It is the optimal solution for weight control.

I am not a total Nutritarian but I certainly try. I generally eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables and living in Hawaii certainly helps. I have recently become gluten free and so I eat a wide range of grains my favorite being quinoa. I also like beans and nuts like pistachios (raw and I try not to overdo it because they are fattening).

I start my day with a smoothie filled with lots of different berries and other fruits and I always add some kale. By the way, this is a great thing to give to the kids…the fruits overpower the kale so they won’t even taste it.  Put the smoothie in a colored cup and they will drink it up and ask for more.

If you have children and you want to help them eat better or if they have allergies, asthma, chronic ear infections, etc., I highly recommend reading Dr. Fuhrman’s book Disease Proof Your Children.  Also please check out Dr. Fuhrman’s website to help you make superior food choices for your children and help disease proof them for now and always.

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Importance of Being a Nutritarian for Health as Well as Weight Loss

Nearly 85% of our nation’s healthcare costs are spent on diet-related illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes — diseases caused by poor eating habits that a Nutritarian avoids.

Sixty percent of calories in the typical American diet come from nutrient-depleted, processed foods. Then, we add lots of sugar, salt and unhealthy fats. It is only natural that we are going to have an epidemic of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

The good news is that once a person decides to start eating right, the body gets the nourishment needed to repair physical damage and recover from food-related illnesses. For example, heart disease is the number one killer in this country, but you can lower your risk dramatically and often completely reverse the causes by adopting a Nutritarian diet.

A Nutritarian diet will help you live healthier and lose weight. Dr. Fuhrman has an outstanding reputation for helping his patients lose weight and keep it off. Here you can learn about his Eat To Live Program.

What if you could add 20 quality disease-free years to your life with great tasting, Nutritarian eating? What is that worth to you, to never have a heart attack or stroke or suffer dementia as you age?

Process of Becoming a Nutritarian

Most people, when asked to change the way they eat, usually find one reason or another for not doing it so you may be hesitant to become a Nutritarian. You may fear that you’ll have to give up the pleasure you get from eating. Actually, a Nutritarian diet can be a fantastic gourmet experience that tastes better than what you’re eating now. You can go out to a restaurant and eat healthier. Ask them to serve you dishes without heavy sauces, oils and bread. Many new restaurants specialize in healthy and delicious menus. Unfortunately, processed foods loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats can be addicting and hard to give up. However, if you start eating better, your body soon feels better. You require fewer calories and eventually lose your cravings for unhealthy, low nutrient processed fare.

Eat for Health offers a gradual (3-step) transition to high-nutrient eating and places more focus on reversing disease and achieving overall great health. In Eat for Health, Dr. Fuhrman offers a progressive approach to gradually increase the dietary micronutrient density as your taste buds are retrained to prefer healthier fare. Readers can start at the 1st phase, based on their emotional preferences and medical need, and then move forward to the ideal longevity promoting phase three, if desired.

A Nutritarian Eats A Mostly Plant Based Diet

  • Lots of high-nutrient, natural plant based diet foods: vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds.
  • Fewer animal products and healthier options in this food group.
  • Little or no foods that are empty of nutrients or toxic for the body including sugar and other sweeteners, white flour, processed foods and greasy fast foods.

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