Erotica, Sensuality and Health


The publication of Fifty Shades of Grey galvanized the market for romance erotica. Shopping at Costco, you’ll see tables full of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Some people criticize the book for how it’s written. And maybe there should be a limit on how many times you can say “my inner goddess.”

But there is something more important going on here. There’s a reason why Fifty Shades became the biggest selling book of our time. It’s a phenomenon bigger than book sale figures. After talking to countless women, I sensed a palpable void in our culture.

As women, we need to find a way to be more self-expressed about our sexuality. This book is a doorway, a vehicle for us to open up the conversation about our sexuality.

Some say you will either love Fifty Shades or hate it. I have friends who dropped it after a couple of chapters and others who read the whole series three times and want more. I really enjoyed all three books. After I started the first, I quickly grabbed the other two. They delivered what I expected – a hot, juicy and engaging story.

The main characters are Christian and Ana who have a unique relationship with their own set of rules. It’s so complicated that they even draw up contracts. Virginal Ana wants a traditional relationship while the adventurous Christian is looking for a submissive. It was all deliciously fascinating as I wondered if these two could work it out or if they even should.

If you’re wondering what to read next – that is where I come in! I’ve been writing and reading women’s erotica for many years. Here at I will share with you the best and most fun erotic books. May they heat up your sensual life!


How do we begin to look at our sexuality, our sensual life? As a busy, married mom raising a child, I struggle with how and where my sexuality fits into my life. If I don’t give it deliberate care and attention, my sensual life can drop to the bottom of the list.

Why do women spend more time working, grocery shopping, and taking the kids to extracurricular activities than we do focusing on our pleasure? If I enroll my daughter in a Waldorf school so she’ll get lots of play based experiences, how come I neglect time for my play based experiences?

Let’s make time for pleasure, for sensual dates with your partner, for moments in the company of other great women.


When I began to look into my sexuality I also started to look at my relationship with my health. Health is such a big area with so many moving pieces. It’s hard to look at your sexuality without looking at your health.

Everyone is having some sort of health challenge. Whether it is overeating, body issues, autoimmune disease, depression, lack of exercise or negative thoughts that are sabotaging your everyday life…whatever it is, we need to start somewhere.

The first three health issues we’ll focus on here: eating healthy; mind-body connection; and movement, exercise and rest. I have had my personal struggle in all of these areas so I totally understand! My team and I also provide coaching in all aspects of holistic health, sexuality and business. These areas may include nutrition, relationships, communication, mindfulness, spirituality and personal and professional development. Later we will look at additional areas under The Wheel of Health.

I have so many juicy nuggets I want to share with you on all these fronts! Here we will have a great ongoing talk on erotica, sexuality and health. At we’ll support each other in seeking our own answers to becoming more whole as mothers, wives, partners, singles, sisters and daughters.