Erotic Books: Everything Forbidden By Jess Michaels

Erotic books are often filled with surprises, and Everything Forbidden by Jess Michaels is packed to the brim with one curveball after another. The heroine, Miranda Albright, is hiding a deep dark secret that may open the door to finding love and solving her family’s money troubles. Sometimes it pays to be a voyeur when you’ve got neighbors as randy as the notorious Earl of Rothschild next door.

The year is 1817. Miranda’s father has been dead for six months. It turns out this third son of a Marquis has left his family with little but fond memories of his loveable personality. His gambling, bad investments and reckless spending have squandered a fortune that was never too generous to begin with. His widow is still buying up evening dresses and rose bushes like there is no tomorrow. She refuses to listen to Miranda’s warnings but expects her oldest daughter to figure out some way to find husbands for her three sisters. That includes the spoiled Beatrice, the good-natured Penelope and little Winifred.

Miranda’s got problems of her own. She’s turned down a succession of marriage proposals because she didn’t know how dire the family finances were and she had her heart set on passion. What does a nineteenth century virgin know about passion? Well, that’s where her secret comes in. She’s been spying on Ethan Hamon, that bad old Earl who lives next door. Ever since she once saw him making love to a woman outdoors she has been sneaking around for years to watch as he entertains his many lovers on the grounds of his estate.

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Desperate and curious, Miranda approaches Ethan with an offer she hopes he won’t refuse. She’ll give herself to him in exchange for financial and social support to give her sisters the social seasons they need to find eligible suitors. Ethan agrees if Miranda will submit to his every demand for three months.

Erotic Romance Novels With a Twist

Ninety days is a long time in erotic romance novels, and soon the student turns things around on the teacher. Miranda shows Ethan a thing or two about forbidden pleasure. Even better, Miranda may help Ethan come to terms with his childhood scars from watching his father’s many affairs with women and his mother’s death from alcoholism.

Jess Michaels also writes historical romance under the name of Jenna Petersen and runs the popular website The Passionate Pen. In addition to erotic romance, she loves alpha males, the color purple, cats and Cadbury Cream Eggs.

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