Erotic Book Reviews: Scandalous Lovers By Robin Schone

I love writing erotic book reviews, but it’s even better when I get a chance to share a work by one of the most famous authors of historical erotic romance novels. Scandalous Lovers by Robin Schone is one of the most truly amazing books I have read in a long time. I felt deeply moved by the main character Frances and her story. You get such a real sense of the Victorian era and insights into the similarities of how we view women even today. Frances it turns out is 49, which is my age. She has already raised her family and is recently widowed and has gone through menopause. Thinking her sensual life is over she goes to London and finds the most amazing journey ahead.

Frances has spent her whole life in the countryside as a mother and grandmother. Three months after her husband’s death, she ventures to London, buys a new wardrobe, dyes her hair red and sets out to find if there is something more to life. On an outing at the Crystal Palace she looks for a bathroom, demurely called a water closet in those times. What she stumbles upon is the meeting room of The Men’s and Women’s Club, a gathering of people from suffragettes to bankers who discuss the controversial subject of equality between the sexes.

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Even in this daring group, sex gets discussed in a technical way as biology, history or sociology. One member, a barrister and widower named James Whitcox, yearns to address the relations between men and women on the basis of human need. He instantly sees something in Frances that emboldens him to ask a question he never posed to his own wife. “What does a woman desire? Does a woman desire the touch of a man?”

From there, Frances and James draw closer together. They discover the passions and emotions that social restrictions had placed out of bounds. They explore their desires and fears.

Courtroom Drama Adds An Extra Dimension To Erotic Books

The relationship between Frances and James is enough to carry the novel, but courtroom drama adds extra suspense and meaning to erotic books like this. Frances’ oldest son David tries to have her committed to a lunatic asylum when he discovers her affair and her new-fangled beliefs. James comes to her defense when Frances responds by suing David for her own emancipation. It’s a legal battle that entangles us in Victorian conventions and modern day issues about the economic pressures and social oppression that women still suffer in many parts of the world.

USA Today Bestselling Author Robin Schone is the recipient of the Romantic Times 2008 Career Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Innovative Historical Romances. Her characters are frequently everyday people. As Schone puts it, “Technology may change, but we do not. We all want. We all need. Beauty. Passion. Love.”

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