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Fifty Shades of Grey is the erotic romance novel that inspired me to create this blog. And no, it has nothing to do with the book’s literary merits. It’s all about the phenomenon this book represents and what it says about women today.

This book is a catalyst – a big opening for women to be able to talk about SEX! I find that women everywhere have a hard time talking about sex even with other women.

Why is that…are we all repressed? I think our culture has made it a taboo subject. But the reaction to this book makes it obvious that women want to talk about sex. We need to talk about sex.

Since the start of this blog I have had numerous conversations with women about Fifty Shades and they all sound so relieved to finally have a venue to talk!

For That Reason Alone I LOVE This Erotic Book!

Many people say you will either love this erotic book or hate it. I have friends that put the book down after reading only a couple of chapters and others who read the whole series three times and cannot get enough. They are all wondering what to read next – that is where comes in!

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I really enjoyed all three books in the trilogy. After I started the first I quickly went out and purchased the other two. I was not put off by the writing or the repeated phrases. After all, I wasn’t looking for a literary masterpiece. I wanted an engaging story that was hot and juicy and it certainly did meet those expectations.

“The only man I’ve ever been attracted to, and he comes with a bloody contract, a flogger and a whole world of issues,” says the heroine Anastasia Steel. She is a very likable 21-year-old virgin about to graduate college when she meets the handsome and charismatic millionaire Christian Grey. He is immediately enthralled with Ana and begins to purse her while at the same time insisting that he is all wrong for her.

As these two spiral into a very intense relationship there are many layers to be learned about both of them. Without giving the whole story away there is lots of very steamy sex with BDSM overtones. Some say it is too light while others are saying it is way too dark. Truly a case of different strokes for different folks! I felt drawn into the story and had a lot of fun with their sensual relationship.

Over the course of their relationship, Ana begins to chip away at Christian’s complicated exterior forcing him to admit things he’s never told anyone. Even with their resistance these two start to have strong feelings for each other and of course it gets complicated!

Throughout the book Ana and Christian exchange many emails. These witty and interesting notes were one of the best parts. They use email to open up to one another, something both have trouble doing. The written messages let them reveal themselves to one another more honestly.

The end of this story left me feeling anxious. Of course I had on hand the second book, Fifty Shades Darker, so I started it right away.

Many sex experts have also endorsed the book including the famous Dr. Ruth Westheimer. On her video blog, she says “I do believe every woman should read it. You don’t have to read the three volumes; you read a little bit of each and then you put the book away and have some very good sex.”

And just because sex is important, doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. Fifty Shades has spawned a whole industry of parodies. You can watch Ellen DeGeneres or some favorite mom bloggers and actresses read excerpts on YouTube. The best spoof may be the hilarious SNL skit starring Kristen Wiig. Dad and the kids try to surprise Mom with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, but she’s already entertaining herself while reading Fifty Shades. In an emergency, you may be able to disguise your vibrator as a microphone.

For me, it was a very fun read and I was not able to put this book down once I started. I have found many books better written than this that did not interest me nearly half as much. Let’s bring fun back especially for us women! And I hope the conversation Fifty Shades started about SEX keeps on going! Let the games begin…

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