Erotic Fiction: The Proposition by Katie Ashley

The Proposition by Katie Ashley is the kind of erotic fiction that manages to be heartwarming and sizzling all at the same time. Be prepared for a real emotional roller coaster of a read. It’s heartwarming and full of laughs, but it’s got a cliff hanger ending that will leave you wanting for the next installment in this series.

Emma is an accomplished woman, but she’s discontent. Her thirtieth birthday is almost upon her, and she feels pressured to have a child before it’s too late. She did make a backup plan in case her knight in shining armor failed to appear, but that has fallen through. Her gay friend turned her down when she asked him to be the father of her first child. One night she’s out arguing with her best friend about the whole situation, and someone overhears them. It’s Aiden Fitzgerald, a notorious womanizer who works at the same company as Emma. Aiden is still smarting from when Emma turned down his advances at the office Christmas party. Now, he thinks he’s got a second chance. He proposes to father a child with Emma as long as it’s done the natural way. Between his good looks and charm and Emma’s building anxiety, the deal is sealed.

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50 Shades of Motherhood

This book proves that motherhood and erotica do mix. Sex and motherhood are both natural urges, and it’s easy to sympathize with Emma’s position.

While any story that talks about a biological clock can get bogged down in stereotypes, The Proposition employs such deft humor that these potential problems are transcended. Emma and Aiden emerge as real and likeable characters. It’s also nice to see that they’re surrounded by lots of good friends and loving families. While troubled family histories often add drama to other works in this genre, sometimes you want to balance the scales and spend time with people who feel kind of familiar and ordinary in a good way.

As mentioned, that cliffhanger ending makes sure it never gets boring. And you don’t have to wait long to satisfy your curiosity. The sequel, The Proposal, is scheduled for release this month, and Ashely has another book, Music of My Heart, due out in February. So if you like this short work, keep on reading.

Ashelywas born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta. This New York Times bestselling author describes her large extended family as a Southern version of the one in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. She has been teaching English for more than ten years in both middle school and high school. As a former cheerleading coach, she says that riding a bus with a squad of fifteen year old girls is the ultimate way to learn about life.

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