Review of Pleasure’s Edge – An Erotic Romance Novel

Saturday, 1 September, 2012

Dylan Ivory writes erotic romance novels but her next book is leading her into unfamiliar territory. To get acquainted with BDSM, she interviews Alec Walker, a handsome dominant who pens dark thrillers and reigns over the Seattle BDSM sex scene. They make a deal that could mean losing control and finding real love.

From their first meeting, it’s clear that Alec would rather show BDSM to Dylan instead of just telling her about it. Dylan is tempted but they’ve both got obstacles to overcome. She is used to taking charge after growing up with a mother with emotional problems. He models his emotionally distant father. Dylan bristles when Alec instantly sums her up as a submissive but can’t deny the powerful attraction she feels.

Alec challenges Dylan to submit to his desires so she can live more fully. She agrees to try things his way on the condition they reverse places if he can’t tame her. As things develop, they learn more about each other and the possibility of surrendering their hearts for the first time.

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This Erotic Book Hooked Me…

Even if you’re not usually a fan of BDSM in women’s erotica, the balance of hot and sensual sex scenes with likeable characters in a believable romance may change your mind. In this erotic book I liked the chemistry between these two strong characters and was moved by the way they face their vulnerabilities. The pace of their relationship makes sense when you know about their feelings and issues, and the ending was deeply satisfying. I’m definitely getting the other books in this series. They feature friends of Dylan and Alec who I might want to get to know better.

Eve Berlin writes women’s erotica under several pseudonyms. Pleasure’s Edge is her first erotic book under this new name but you may already know her as Eden Bradley. She lives in West Hollywood.

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