More Erotic Books By E. L. James: Fifty Shades Darker


Shades of Momma Rating: [rating=5]

If you read erotic books, go on the internet or read the paper occasionally, you already know about the Fifty Shades Of Grey sequels by E. L. James. Fifty Shades Darker is the second installment. Of course, after soaked up the first Fifty Shades, I ran out and bought the second book. Once again it is a mixed bag. This is a fun and juicy story even if the writing is not so hot.

First, let’s get the usual complaints out of the way. No one is saying this is a work of great literary value, but it is entertaining. Judging by the sales, a lot of women have no trouble overlooking clumsy syntax, multiple references to the inner goddess, and characters that bite their lips and sigh a lot. Women buy it and read it because it delivers what they want.

About the sex, it’s steamy and abundant but not all that different from what you’d find in other women’s erotica. While the BDSM theme has been gathering a lot of attention, it’s relatively gentle in how it’s getting acted out. It’s not like anyone needs to go the emergency room after every tryst.

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Women’s Erotica With A Softer Side

In fact, one of the striking differences between the second installment and the first in this women’s erotica series is that the sex is noticeably more affectionate. Sure, there’s still the Red Room of Pain but the relationship between Ana and Christian is taking a new course. Christian is less hung up on getting Ana to sign a contract and more open to a little give and take. That’s not to say he’s not still controlling, but he’s making some changes.

You’re better off reading the first book before this one because it gives a lot of background. This one starts off with Ana briefly breaking up with Christian and joining a Seattle publishing house. However, Christian soon buys the publishing company and wins Ana back. The dramatic complications include Ana’s ex-boss Jack who’s angry about losing Ana and the company. There’s also a “Mrs. Robinson” type older woman who introduced Christian to BDSM and other women from his past, like a jealous ex-submissive who trashes Ana’s car and may be planning worse things now that she’s got a gun.

Besides all that, one of the best parts of this book is those changes that Christian is making. He actually starts opening up a little, talking with Ana about his past and how it has affected him. It makes you understand them both better and look forward to the next episode in Fifty Shades.

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